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Working for a fannish org has wonderful perks.

For example there´s this: The epic love story of @fanlore_news and @podfic, which is brilliant.

Today I was catching up on transcripts of other people´s meetings (as you do, to stay up to date on stuff) and suddenly I was reading a seduction scene. Highlights included roleplaying Captain Jack, sharing half-naked Derek Hale, suggestive talking about interfaces, and refreshingly honest discussions about hooking each other up with other partners. The AO3 already has OTW RPF as a fandom, that means it´s totally fine to ship my fellow chairs, right? xD
ETA: It´s been decided I´ll be in the choir during the wedding. Other topics talked about today: how the OTW could be more like Pokémon. Sometimes I love working here. (And other times I remember the work for uni I should be doing...)

I always forget to use any time-tracking tool, but I estimate that I need about 10-15 hours a week to make sure I don´t completely fall behind on everything. Which is hard during a vacation :( (Otoh, skiing!) I´d also need about 5 extra hours to read through the internal wiki that I don´t have. There´ll be a point where I´ll have lost more than 5 hours because I didn´t know that stuff. Still no time-turner *sighs*

Date: 2013-02-13 12:08 am (UTC)
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*g* I was just reading those transcripts! Those two are totally canon. :p


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