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A few months ago Hockey RPF started showing up on pinboard.in/popular/fandom (which is a wonderful automated rec list that helped me find many great fics in fandoms I normally don´t read.) I don´t think I´ve ever watched a full hockey game in my life, but I enjoy the stories. Competence porn ftw! Everyone trains and constantly tries to become better, many fics have a lot about teamwork and improvement strategies, and the romantic pair gets turned on watching each other be brilliant on the ice. It´s great.

And then there are scenes like one I read yesterday, that I can empathize with: when a team, even though they´re trying their best, isn´t doing very well and then they have to justify it to the press. Sometimes things just don´t work, nobody knows why (this is sometimes partly a lie), and you feel bad because you disappoint people´s expectations, but you don´t know what to do to make things better immediately.

On a different topic, I´m still reading f_fa, and sometimes it´s hard not to be too obvious (I probably failed already.) I can understand very well that people wonder why we don´t have a forum yet, but we actually do know that they´re not that hard to set up and it´s not the technical part that is taking so long. I´m curious how many of those people who keep talking about how easy it is to start & manage a forum (who unfortunately didn´t see our past requests for help) will volunteer to help once we can recruit again. If even a quarter of them do, that would be fantastic.
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