Feb. 19th, 2013

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Some words about OTW Board Approves Meta Hosting on the AO3: I´m happy with the result, but not with the way it was announced. There should have been better internal preparation, especially more time for Comms/Support (*sends cake*), and I also think the announcement could have been much clearer. I would have appreciated a clearer "we want to have this one day, but please don´t start uploading all your meta right now!" and a commitment to have media tickyboxes soon so meta (fandom nonfiction) is easier to filter out. It´ll be better next time.

I was relieved that the meta discussion doesn´t directly involve Fanlore when our image policy came up again. Some of the points that were brought up in various places are exaggerated or in some cases outdated (everybody who was involved with the committee side of the 2010 discussion has left) or untrue, but I´m aware that there are problems with the lax way our image policy is often handled on Fanlore, unless somebody complains. I´d like to address this and work on better guidelines, but Wiki currently doesn´t have the resources to do this at all. I know it´s hard to hear requests for patience again and again, but there´s currently nothing we can do. I could expand on the reasons why, and once we have some time to breathe I´m looking forward to discussing how we can improve how Fanlore deals with fanart. (That´s a lie, I´m not at all looking forward to it because it will most likely be exhausting, but it´s necessary, and hopefully it will be productive.)

We have so many exciting projects planned. Some that are necessary (policies), some that we just want (forum), several that are somewhere in between. We´ll do the necessary ones first, and originally I then wanted to ask for input what we should do next, but I´m not sure if we´ll have time for that this year. The next, then :) One step after the other, and we´ll be fine.


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