Dec. 21st, 2012

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It´s finally official that I´ll take over as Chair of the Wiki committee next term. I knew and have been stressing about it for months now. *clings to aethel* I´m not sure if I´d want the job if I wasn´t pretty much the only candidate: there are still so many things I don´t know! I only discovered Fanlore about one and a half years ago and our documentation is very bad, so there are several things I´ve only heard rumors about. Fortunately there are people I can ask.

What I plan to do is basically 1) find out who knows and can do what, 2) delegate (I hope that´s the right word, at least, dictionary isn´t clear and I´m tired; oh, this is going to be so much fun), 3) keep track of projects and things. Projects include documentation, recruitment and training, forum, design, new server, probably dealing with survey responses, new help and policy pages, hopefully outreach, and probably some other stuff. I want to work together with other committees more closely, and I want to keep doing more frequent updates of what is happening at Wiki for our gardeners and editors. We started doing that this year and it seems to be appreciated.

Or something else might come up and everything might become even more chaotic, who knows. Wish me luck, and sleep, or coffee.


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