Dec. 7th, 2012

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I joined the Wiki committee in February. Now it´s December and I finally feel like I mostly understand how those parts of the OTW relevant for Wiki work! Yay? Emphasis on the "mostly". I might be over-confident, but there is definitely progress.

We keep discovering things we could have done better, especially in regards with the mediawiki upgrade, and it´s sometimes hard not to get defensive - okay, I get that this wasn´t ideal, but cut us some slack, the whole situation was very chaotic - but in general our users have been nice and very helpful, because they are the best. We´ll do better next time.

Some day soon (ahahaha) I´ll have the time to sit down and figure out how exactly our category system works. I understand the gist of it when I look at the color-coded diagram, but I still get confused when people talk about it.

Only a few days until the OTW term ends officially! Not that Wiki can afford to stop working during the break (please, Santa, can we not have an identity protection request around Christmas/New Year?) I want to do a "look what we did this year, we are great" post, but there´ll also be a lot of "things we planned and didn´t do, we are sorry, here are the reasons why." It doesn´t help that there´s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that we can´t really talk about or that is still unfinished, and that we unfortunately have to finish before it´s sensible to start new projects. But we will, and Fanlore will keep getting better every year.


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